The Artist, Philosopher, Storyteller, Poet

I'm a bigger picture thinker, with unusual Insight

I Develop Concepts

I run a holistic creative consultancy practice and network. My job is to understand and analyse your problem, and address it using a medley of creativity, logic, and observational skills.

I can also help to implement practices relating to personal and professional mental health and mindfulness, sustainability solutions, creative marketing, design and storytelling, innovative ideas and original artwork.


Free at first point of contact, Initial Sessions usually last 30 minutes.

They can last from 2 hours, to a series of meetings over 2 months, depending on the scale of the project.

Oil Painting, Ghost of Cumbria
Watercolour and Ink: Cartoons at Midnight

Why choose Me?


Young as I am, I've spent the last two decades honing my creativity,

and experiencing as much of the world as possible.

I don't think I've ever thought inside the box,

in fact, you might have to pull me back into one. 


Art isn't just images, it's about experiencing the world

and coming to a deeper understanding about life within yourself.

So if I need to learn history, economics, science, maths or literature,

or any other subject, to understand a project, I'm grateful:


There is nothing more powerful nor satisfying than acquiring knowledge.

I want to work with brands that are eco conscious, as well as those that want to include sustainability into their business model going forward, as that is a key factor to survival in our future.


As someone that has struggled with mental health issues in the past, I also strive to heal those who are suffering. Finding new and innovative ways to improve lives, and gaining insight on a variety of perspectives is a cornerstone of what sets my work apart.


I aim to rejuvenate. So give me a task, and I'll do my best to refresh!

I can offer:

One to One Consultation on:


  • Logo design, branding and gifs

  • Hand Designed Typography

  • Website Redesign

Concept Art and Idea Visualisation:

  • Adobe Suite Drawing, Editing, Vector Graphics and Animation

    • (PS, AE, PR, IL, ID, AN)

  • A variety of traditional art styles including:

    • Oil, acrylic, watercolour and gouache painting

    • Oil and soft pastels

    • Lino, etching and relief printing

    • Ink and marker illustrations and paintings

    • Model making for stop motion 

    • mixed media and work using up-cycled material

Creative Project Consultancy:

  • Poetry, Descriptive Passages, Biographies,

  • Story Prompts and Scripts

  • Project Proposals, Pitches and Treatments

  • Scratch audio, storyboarding, scheduling and rough animatics

  • Photography and Cinematography Directing

  • Up-cycling Projects and Reclaimed Materials


April 2018

Lauren Street

"Ella helped me to create props for my stop motion animation, she worked very hard and consistently during the project. She did everything that was asked of her and also took her own initiative to work on other things I hadn’t thought were needed. She knows how to utilise her talents effectively which gave me some very intricate props and designs I wouldn’t have had otherwise."

Lauren Street


May 2020

Thirty forty

'I was quite impressed on how Ella was fast in getting the job done. She used her experience to make my Logo Idea even more stylish and professional. She understands right away the main message the Logo should convey. Would recommend her for anyone looking to finally create a Logo for their Guild or even business, cause she is ready to make your step in the real branded world a must.'



Feb 2018

India Hutton

"Ella has beed a valued asset to the development of my film, contributing discussions towards the story and reworking the plot!"

India Hutton Animation

India Hutton


UEL Enterprise

June 2018-July 2019



Enterprise Workshops


Venture Crawl

Mayor's Entrepreneur Award

Creative Platform Academy

Start-Up School

Professional Mentoring

E Factor Semi Finalist with Ze.Ø