Oil Painting: Camden Triptych
Oil Painting: Camden Tryptich
Oil Painting: Camden Tryptich Part 2

Concept Art 
Concept Art Package includes:

(for film, animation, games, tv, architecture)


  • Research Mood Boards

    • (for each theme within the concept)


  • 20 original concept sketches

  • 5 final concepts to choose from

Traditional/Digital Media

  • 2 finalised Paintings or Designs

    • (in your choice of media)​


Prints and PDFs using Media, e.g.

  • Bound Pitch Book or Treatment

    • (containing idea, process, art)

  • Pitching Paperwork using designs

    • (stickers, leaflets, etc)

  • Original Hard Copy of Project Artwork

Please send details of your idea to ellamckenzie.art@gmail.com

to get a quote!

Costume Design Concepts